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7 Best Travel Tips for First-Time Travellers | Easy Travel Guide

Ever heard the quote, 'Life is more like a big storybook'? Well, travelling is perhaps the most captivating and thrilling chapter one could ever experience! It's not merely about exploring new places; it's a rejuvenating escapade for both body and soul. However, navigating the world of travel isn't everyone's forte. From discovering destinations to booking tickets and seeking the best accommodations—phew, it can be overwhelming, right?

That's where we step in to make your travel journey smoother, especially if you're a beginner. Our curated travel guide is packed with essential travel tips and tricks, catering to both family and solo travellers. Dive into money-saving strategies, savvy packing advice, and crucial safety travel tips. Our goal is to ensure your trip is not just cost-effective but also brimming with positive and unforgettable experiences.

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1. Dig Deeper

Planning is everything! Before setting off on any travel journey worldwide, it's essential to familiarise yourself with the destination's details: navigation, weather, best time, key attractions, local traditions, culture, and, of course, the culinary delights. But how can you manage this? Here are some prior tips for travelling before embarking on a journey.

Research the locality: Start by gathering information about a destination. Dive into a wealth of destination ideas available on social media platforms like YouTube, and Facebook, and travel planners like TripAdvisor, Agoda, Makemy trip etc. Explore travel guides and blogs that offer top travel tips and ideas to plan your holiday trip. 

Navigation and Maps: Familiarise yourself with the geography and navigation of the area. Use online maps like Google Maps or to understand the place, important landmarks, transportation options and distances between attractions.

Weather Forecast: Check the weather forecast for your destination, during the time you plan to visit. Knowledge of the climate will help you pack appropriately and plan activities that suit the weather conditions. AccuWeather and BBC Weather offer detailed forecasts for different locations. 

Best Time to Visit: Some places have specific seasons or times of the year. Whether it's avoiding monsoon seasons, enjoying festivals, or taking advantage of off-peak times for fewer crowds, know the best time to visit for a maximised experience.

Places to Explore: Make a list of attractions, landmarks, and activities you want to experience. Prioritise them based on your interests and the time you have. Apps such as Localeur and Culture Trip provide local insider tips and recommendations to experience a destination authentically.

Understanding Tradition & Culture: Learn about local customs, traditions, and cultural norms for respectful travel experiences. Blogs from tourism websites and hotel industries will help you learn these. 

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2. Create a Spending Plan   

As part of the money-saving travel tip, establishing a travel budget prevents overspending. By forecasting expenses for accommodations, food, activities, and transport, you gain control over your money while exploring. To maximise savings, explore off-peak periods or hunt for discounts, enriching your travel experience without straining your wallet.

Budget travel in India typically ranges between ₹10,000 to ₹20,000 INR per day, covering accommodation, transport, and food, while mid-range and luxury options span ₹25,000 to ₹50,000 INR per day or higher. However, these figures are approximate and adaptable based on your accommodation preferences, planned activities and dining choices.

For an international trip, expenses vary significantly, including visa fees, flight tickets, and location-specific costs. It's advisable to research and tailor your plan according to your desired travel experience.

Budget Travel Tips

  • Decide on a total budget for your trip.
  • Prioritise experiences & activities that are important to you. 
  • Categorise and allocate the budget specifically. 
  • It's good to plan a little extra in case of unexpected costs or emergencies.
  • Don't restrict your budget for food; you need energy to roam and explore.
  • Set a daily allowance including sudden expenses to keep you on track within your budget plan.

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3. Choose your Mode of Transport 

After you finish your research, the next big thing to figure out is how you'll get to your destination. There are mainly three ways: by air, road, or rail. Picking the best one depends on your budget, what you like, and how quickly you want to get there. From flying to hitting the road, here are some popular travel tips.

Air Travel Tips

  • Advance Booking: Aim for 6-8 weeks before your trip
  • Cheap Flight Tickets: Popular sites like Google Flights, Expedia, and Hopper predict flight prices and alert you to drops, which can be your ideal international travel tip.
  • Incognito Mode: Always use Incognito mode while browsing for flight tickets as it prevents websites from using cookies.
  • Sign-up Email: Subscribe to fare alerts and airline newsletters for offers. 
  • Useful Apps: Flight booking applications such as Skyscanner and Triplt help you find the best deal and enable your search faster. 

Tips for Train Travel 

  • Book Early: Secure tickets in advance for better deals and seat availability.
  • Check Schedules: Be aware of departure times and potential delays.
  • Arrive Early: Be punctual to avoid missing the train.
  • Keep Belongings Secure: Watch your luggage in busy stations.
  • Snacks & Water: Carry refreshments, especially for longer trips.
  • Entertainment: Bring a book, puzzles, or cards for entertainment.

Tips for Road Travel 

  • Vehicle Check: Before hitting the road, Check tire pressure, brakes, lights, and oil to ensure your vehicle is in good condition. 
  • Plan the Route: Use navigation apps or maps to plan your route.
  • Emergency Kit: Carry an emergency kit with essentials like a first aid kit, flashlight, and spare tools.
  • Drive Safely: Sticking to speed limits and using seat belts and helmets as needed are the best family travel safety tips.
  • Rest Stops: Take regular intervals. 

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4. Maximise Space, Minimise Hassle  

One thing that often gets overlooked is what we pack for our travels. Surely, you wouldn’t want to wander around with a heavy bag on your shoulder. These travel packing tips and tricks will certainly lighten your load.

Travel Tips For Packing

Packing clothes based on the season and weather would both keep you comfortable and stylish 

Summer: lightweight clothes in breathable fabrics and light colours will keep you cool. 

Fall: Long-sleeve shirts, jeans, cardigans and comfortable shoes. 

Winter: Heavy clothes – Coats, thick sweaters and thermal wear will give you warmth. 

Documents and certificates: Pack essential documents like Passport, Visa, Identity Cards, Travel Insurance and Credit Cards together in a secured pouch.

Clothing and Accessories: Pack a couple of Shoes & socks, Sunglasses, Hat/Head Covering, Toothbrush & paste, sachets of shampoo & conditioner, Body Wash and Hygiene Products.

Electronics and Gadgets: Power Bank, Earphones, Adapter, Flashlight, Chargers and a tracking device (GPS). 

Medications: First-Aid Kit, Travel Pillow, blanket and hot water bag.  

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5. Book Your Stay 

Keeping your stay or accommodation sorted during your travel ensures a smooth journey. Booking your stay in advance not only saves time and energy but also often rewards you with discounts and offers. Before confirming your booking, ensure the hotel is centrally located, offers good amenities for a comfortable stay, and aligns with your budgetary considerations.

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Hotel Travel Tips

  • Opt for a hotel that is centrally located near major attractions or transportation hubs for convenience.
  • Keep an eye on client reviews to gauge service quality, cleanliness, and overall guest experiences.
  • Look out for hotels or restaurants offering essential amenities that perfectly merge with your preferences.
  • Prioritise hotels with robust safety measures for a stress-free stay.
  • Secure better deals by booking your accommodation ahead of time, saving both hassle and your bucks.

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6. Stay Connected

One of the crucial travel tips is to stay connected and safe during your journey. Whether it's domestic travel or international trips, it's essential to keep your loved ones informed. Sharing your itinerary, current location, and the places you plan to explore with trusted friends or family before your departure ensures peace of mind for your family and promotes safe travel for yourself.

Travel Safety Tips 

  • Keep your passports, tickets, and other vital documents secure in hidden pouches or secure bag compartments while travelling. Maintain digital copies in personal email or cloud storage for added safety in case of loss or theft.
  • Always keep your GPS on during your travel. 
  • Get a local SIM card for affordable calls, and use translation applications like Google Translate to navigate language barriers while travelling abroad.
  • Keep an eye on your stuff in busy places or on public transport for safety. Stay aware of your surroundings and follow local safety rules to avoid all kinds of issues. 
  • Be mindful of dress codes, especially when visiting religious sites or conservative areas. Understand and adhere to the cultural norms of the locals.
  • Respect photography rules at museums, religious sites, public spaces, etc. Always seek permission before capturing photos, especially of people.
  • Learning a few phrases and survival words in the local language. 
  • Keeping a list of local emergency numbers and contacts handy will be helpful.  

7. Food Exploration

Food is a huge part of experiencing a new place! It's more than just satisfying hunger; it's about discovering the soul of a place through its flavours and traditions. From savouring iconic dishes to unravelling hidden gems in local markets or street corners, every meal in the journey is a delight. 

Research local cuisines, popular dishes, and recommended eateries. Take a food tour to immerse yourself in the local culinary scene. Apps such as Eatwith and Yelp help you find local eateries and food experiences, offering the best choices in town.

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Smart Travel Tips

  • Roll clothes instead of folding to save space and minimise wrinkles in your luggage.
  • Carry a portable charger to keep devices powered up on the go.
  • Use small makeup bags to store fragile products and accessories.
  • Get a local SIM card for cheaper data and calls while travelling abroad.
  • Download maps for offline use in case of limited internet access.
  • Use shower caps to cover dirty shoes in your luggage.
  • Pack Ziplock Bags for storing snacks, wet clothes, etc.
  • Keep digital copies of important documents like passports and reservations.
  • Use aeroplane mode to connect to Wi-Fi on planes without incurring roaming charges.
  • Local transport apps like Uber or Lyft provide cheaper fares than taxis or tourist services.
  • Carry an empty reusable water bottle to fill up water wherever you go. 
  • Take your Eye and ear Mask for comfortable sleep during travelling.  
  • Translation apps like Google Translate Offline, Babbel and Duolingo can assist in speaking the native or local language.

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We hope you found this travel tips blog insightful. These valuable tips for travelling will be your guiding compass, helping you in planning, packing, navigating, and embracing the joy of exploration. Equipped with these useful travel tips, your journey as a budding traveller is bound to be both exciting and fulfilling. Remember, above all, the best travel tip is to relish your journey to the fullest and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

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