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Tips to Book a Good Hotel
5 Best Tips for How to Book a Good Hotel Online

Ready to go on a trip?

Have you booked the hotel online?

Whether a business trip or a leisurely one, booking your hotels early before reaching your destinations is essential. With a wide variety of hotels littered throughout the internet, how do you pick the right one? A hotel is your home away from when you are travelling, and a bad hotel is all it takes to ruin your travels. Now that the internet has blown up, it’s simpler to check up on all the required information about hotels– from location to customer reviews. Now everything is available online.

Yes, booking your hotels through various applications that filter out hotels that suit your taste is simpler. However, you should not take booking hotels lightly; it’s all that stands between a good and bad travelling experience.

Here are 5 simple tips to remember before booking your hotels online for a better hotel experience. Yeh!, these tips are the most common ones, but we sometimes slightly or totally miss them out due to our excitement of finding a great deal. So at the very least, keep these in mind when booking hotels online.

5 Simple Tips For Picking A Good Hotel Online

1. Prioritize Your Needs

Start your booking apps, search your location, and filter out your choices...  

Woah! Woah! Hold your horses; even before you start looking at hotels, have a good look at your itinerary and budget first. Then start a small note on your expectations and requirements for a good night’s stay; do you need a complimentary breakfast, or are you willing to splurge on some luxury? Have an idea of what you want, from price, amenities, location, and such. This first step helps you choose hotels that fit your itinerary and budget perfectly. A hotel that tears up your wallet and travel plan is not a good hotel for you.

2. Check & Double Check Amenities

“But the app said so?” is one of the arguments that will have no end if you book hotels online without double-checking the amenities. Third-party booking applications and sometimes even the original websites of some hotels may not have all the amenities listed while booking online. The best method is to check the online reviews and call or email the hotel to ensure all listed amenities are available. Make sure you double-check all your amenities and how to avail them, as there are cases of paid and third-party amenities that can put a wrench in your whole plan.

3. Go Through The Hotel Website

While searching about the hotel, you may find lots of details online, but it’s always recommended to go through the official hotel website at least once. There is a high chance that the details available on third-party websites are not up to date. When going through official hotel websites, there is a higher chance of you finding better deals and the latest updates on rooms, decor, and amenities they provide on time. Giving a call to the hotel and keeping in touch won’t hurt either.


4. Read Reviews With An Open Mind

After narrowing down your preferred hotels, it’s time to check the reviews. Many travel websites give a review on hotels and packages; you can check as many as possible and get a rough idea about the hotel. While reading the reviews, keep an open mind and check the review dates. Hotels tend to improve themselves over time through reviews, and it’s no use being prejudiced about their shortcomings years ago. If you check the official website, you can get positive reviews and the replies the hotel has provided to understand the hospitality and character of the hotel staff. So please keep an open mind while reading the reviews, whether good or bad.

5. Location, Accessibility & Safety

Trips are all about moving from one location to another, and if your hotel can’t keep up with your need for movement, it’s better not to stay in those hotels. When it comes to location, it’s better to look it up yourself rather than believe in what the websites prescribe. While looking at the location, you must also figure out how accessible the hotel is from reviews and testimonials. Even if the hotel is near your destination, if it is not easily accessible, the whole stay may take a rough turn. By comparing the location and accessibility of the hotel, it becomes easier to rate the locality’s safety and book hotels located in safer neighbourhoods.


Now that you have gained some ideas about what to look for while booking a hotel online. What are you waiting for? Start booking hotels for your trip! While you’re at it, look at one of the best in Chennai, Upar Hotels. If you are planning a trip to Chennai, you should definitely check out the Upar Hotel; it is one of the best hotels in Chennai to stay. You don’t have to take my word for it; try out all the tips, and I am sure you will agree that it is one of the best Hotels in Chennai to stay at.

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