6 Different Types of Travellers and Their Types of Travel Choices


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Types of Travellers
6 Different Types of Travellers and Their Types of Travel Choices

Travel is the one thing that rejuvenates every soul. From short weekend getaways to extended holidays, it is an undeniable part of everyone's life, enriching us internally with a fresh set of experiences. But have you ever wondered what type of traveller you are?

Whether you're an adventure seeker craving the thrill of mountains and hiking, or a calm traveller seeking solace deep within your heart, this blog will help you uncover your travel identity. 

Join us as we explore the 6 different types of travellers around the world, each with their unique preferences and passions. Discover the type of travel for a truly immersive journey that resonates with your soul.

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Types of Travellers 

Below are some of the common types of travellers and their preferences for stay, food and experiences.

Budget Travellers 

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Keeping the costs in mind, budget travellers aim to maximise their experiences while minimising expenditure. This type of budget traveller opts for low-budget places that include fewer travel expenses and low-cost activities, such as hiking, exploring public parks, and visiting museums on free-entry days.

What Do Budget Travelers Look For?

Budget travellers often seek to stay in affordable accommodations like budget hotels or vacation rentals that meet their best budget and offer necessary amenities. Their typical food selections include street food, local market finds, and meals at budget-friendly restaurants, ensuring they make the most of their travels without overspending.

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Business Travellers 

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Business travellers are a type of travellers focused on efficiency and convenience. They usually travel for professional purposes like attending conferences, business meetings, closing deals or overseeing work in other cities or countries. 

What Do Business Travellers Seek?

Business travellers seek accommodations that offer business amenities like high-speed internet, conference rooms, and central locations near business districts. When it comes to food, they look for quick, high-quality dining options, often favouring hotel restaurants, room service, or nearby cafes and eateries. Their experiences are typically minimal leisure activities, often limited to brief city tours or networking events related to their work.

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Luxury Travellers 

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Luxury travellers represent a type of traveller who looks for comfort, exclusivity, and high-end experiences. Their types of destinations typically include foreign or overseas places that offer unique, high-end experiences such as private tours, spa treatments, and luxury shopping experiences. 

What Do Luxury Travellers Seek? 

These types of travellers seek the best in comfort and service, ensuring a memorable and indulgent travel experience at any cost. Their preferred types of trips involve staying in five-star hotels, luxury resorts, and boutique accommodations. When it comes to food, luxury travellers enjoy gourmet dining experiences, fine dining restaurants, and exclusive culinary events. 

Family Travellers 

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Family travellers seek to create memorable experiences that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family. Usually, as a family, these types of travellers prioritise safety, convenience, and activities suitable for all ages. They choose destinations that provide activities for all family members, such as theme parks, zoos and cultural attractions with family programs. 

What Do Family Travellers Seek? 

Family travellers look for hotels that provide spacious rooms, CCTV monitored, 24/7 front help desk and free parking lots within the hotel premises. They often seek family-friendly resorts, vacation rentals, and hotels with kid-friendly amenities. Their restaurant choices span with diverse menu options that cater to both adults and children, and they appreciate hotels that offer complimentary breakfast. 

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Solo travellers are a type of traveller who seek independence, flexibility, and personal growth. 

Their types of destinations are those that provide immersive and reflective activities such as city tours, museum visits, and outdoor adventures that allow for self-discovery. Solo travellers enjoy exploring local cuisine, from street food to small local restaurants. 

What Do Solo Travellers Seek?

These different types of travellers appreciate the freedom to explore and learn on their own terms. This type of travel often involves staying in hostels, boutique hotels, or private rentals that offer safety and opportunities to meet other travellers. 

Group Travellers 

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Group travellers are a type of travellers who usually prefer going on a group trip. They embark on adventures together, seeking shared experiences, camaraderie, and memorable moments with friends, family, or fellow travellers. Their travel experiences are centred around shared activities like group tours, outdoor adventures, or cultural excursions, fostering bonds and creating lasting memories among group members.

What Do Group Travellers Seek? 

Group travellers prioritise social experiences and shared activities, choosing accommodations with ample space and essential amenities like extra beds and room service. They often seek group discounts and enjoy communal dining experiences at restaurants catering to large parties or group cooking sessions.

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Types of Travel or Trips

For the person who likes to travel, every place is a journey of its own, opening doors to new experiences. Now that we know what kind of a traveller you are, it's time for us to see what types of travel exist. 

Adventure Travel

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Adventure travel is ideal for thrill-seekers and outdoor enthusiasts. This type of travel involves exploring rugged landscapes, engaging in activities like hiking, rock climbing, or white-water rafting, and seeking out adrenaline-pumping experiences. Popular types of destinations for adventure travel include mountainous regions, dense jungles, and remote wilderness areas. 

Cultural Travel

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Cultural travel caters to those interested in experiencing the traditions, history, and lifestyle of different communities. This type of trip often involves visiting museums, historical sites, festivals, and engaging with local customs and cuisines. Types of destinations for cultural travel range from ancient cities and rural villages to modern metropolises rich in heritage.  

Work Travel 

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Work travel, also known as business travel, involves trips taken for professional purposes. This type of travel can include attending conferences or working in a different city or country temporarily. Types of destinations for work travel are usually urban centres and hubs of commerce and industry. 

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Retreat Travel

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Retreat travel is designed for relaxation, personal growth, and wellness. This type of travel is usually preferred as a solo trip where individuals try to gain a hold of themselves or to have a break from their mundane lives. Types of destinations for retreat travel are serene locations like beaches, mountains and countryside resorts indulging in activities like yoga and meditation to rejuvenate.

Vacation Travel 

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Vacation travel is the classic getaway for leisure and fun. Going on a family trip for summer holidays or vacationing in a foreign country with your loved ones comes under this type of travel. From tropical islands and historic cities to family-friendly resorts and scenic countryside, vacation travel includes a diverse type of destinations, to relax and enjoy.  

Honeymoon Travel 

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Honeymoon travel is a special trip for newlyweds to celebrate their marriage. It features romantic destinations, luxury accommodations, and personalised experiences. Popular spots include tropical beaches, scenic countryside, and vibrant cities. Activities range from relaxing on beaches to exploring landmarks and adventures, creating lasting memories to start their married life.


Travel is a deeply personal experience, and understanding the different types of travellers and their preferences can enhance your journey. By recognising your travel selfhood, you can tailor your experiences to create memories that enrich your soul and life.

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