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Top things to do in Bangalore
The Top 5 Things to Do in Bangalore

If you ask anyone, which is the most popular city in India? More than half will answer Bangalore. Bangalore started as the IT hub of India, later gaining the nickname “Silicon Valley of India.” Bangalore has grown to love this moniker over the years. It is fast becoming one of the most niche cities in India, offering an assortment of activities for its inhabitants and visitors. Bangalore has become a wholesome city known for its myriad possibilities. If you are an old inhabitant of Bangalore, you might find this list in vain, but if you are a new visitor to the city, you should check this out.

Top 5 things you should definitely check out while in Bangalore 

1. It’s Chow Time!

When in Bangalore, set your inner foodie free. Bangalore is a foodie’s paradise, with many iconic eateries strewn about. From local cuisine to international, Korean, Chinese, Italian, and Japanese cuisine, expanding your horizons, Bangalore will never disappoint your cravings. If you are at UPAR Hotels, one of the best hotels in Bangalore to stay in, you are guaranteed to find a variety of restaurants and pubs for every budget and occasion.

2- Shopping Spreeeee!

During your hotel booking in Bangalore, ensure it is located near a shopping district. Bangalore has everything you need to go on a shopping spree, from flea markets to local street shops to branded malls. Shopping in Bangalore is a must, be it window shopping or hitchhiking, and booking hotel rooms near shopping districts like Indiranagar can make all the difference during your visit. 

3. Nature Calls…

Bangalore has one of the best tropical climates in India. With its serene climate and natural landscapes, Bangalore offers a lot in terms of natural beauty. Embrace mother nature by taking a short ride through Nandi Hill Station and Cubbon Park and taking in the fresh air. Having your hotel room booked near green locals can wake you up all green and fresh.

4. Who is Ready for Some Games?

While you are in Bangalore, indulge in some sporty activities. It doesn’t matter if you are a native or a visitor. Having fun with friends, family, or sometimes a random stranger can be a memorable experience. Bangalore has an assortment of locales where you can indulge in sporty activities. 

In Indiranagar, Bangalore, near Upar hotels, you can find Play Arenas, Decathlon, and many other locales where you can go for a swim, go go-karting, play football, golf, badminton, and many other indoor games. And if you are in the mood, you can try the arcade games hosted throughout the city. If you are in for an extended stay, you should definitely try out the Wonderla Amusement Park for a fun-filled time.

Bangalore is home to a plethora of thrilling amusement parks that promise a world of fun and excitement. Enjoy heart-stopping roller coasters, splash around in refreshing pools, and indulge in delicious treats. Whether you're seeking a day of family fun or an adrenaline rush with friends, Bangalore's amusement parks have it all. 

5. Go watch something!

Come on! I am not talking about Netflix; you can watch it at home; there is no need to come to one of the best hotels in Bangalore to stay to watch it. I am talking about actual theatre plays and movies. You don’t have to be artsy about it; you could watch it for the novelty. Bangalore has one of the largest theatre crowds, with various plays and shows going up daily. During your hotel booking in Bangalore, look for places near theatres like Indiranagar for some delightful and quality plays.

If you are in Bangalore for a visit, be it a long or short one, try out UPAR Hotels, one of the best hotels in Bangalore to stay. We promise a time well spent during your stay with us.

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