5 Famous Best Picnic Spots in Chennai (Must-Visit Places)


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Famous Picnic Spots in Chennai
5 Famous Best Picnic Spots in Chennai (Must-Visit Places)

A fun-filled picnic with friends and family is always refreshing, and when the picnic spreads out in a lush environment, it becomes endless. The traditional English picnic is all about lush lawns, a hearty lunch, and a wicker basket; the world has taken this as the definition of a picnic, making it the "convention." But is that a real picnic? There are many ways to enjoy your time with the people you love and care about; being a bit "unconventional" will only improve the thrill. Chennai is a hub of development and entertainment, and here are some of the best places to visit and picnic spots in Chennai where you can have unlimited fun with friends and family.

The Top Famous Picnic Spots in Chennai

1. Semmozhi Poonga

Semmozhi Poonga is one of the best picnic spots and places to visit in Chennai for a picnic. With a lush botanical garden spanning over 20 acres with more than 500 varieties of flora. It is situated smack in the middle of a dense urban jungle maintained by the government. As a government-administered garden, you are not allowed to sit on the grass, but you can walk around to enjoy the variety of plants and animals that inhabit this green world. You can visit this beautiful garden and return from a fun-filled picnic during your stay at Upar Hotels, and we will make sure your fun time never ends.

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Timings: 10:00 am to 7:30 pm. (visitors)

6:00 am to 8:00 pm (monthly pass holders)

Closed on Tuesdays

Entry Fee: ₹ 15 (adults); ₹ 10 (kids)

2. Guindy National Park

One of the most famous places in Chennai, Guindy national park, is where people gather to spend quality time with their friends, family, and partners. Nothing beats a picnic in a lovely and serene environment full of natural beauty, diverse flora, and fauna to captivate your senses while the chirping birds pique your interest. You won't get this atmosphere in any other part of the bustling city so take your time, stay at Upar Hotels to freshen up, and enjoy your time at the National Park.

Upar Hotels T Nagar is located near this famous picnic spot. You can stay at Upar Hotels while you explore the best picnic spots in Chennai.

Timings: 9:00 am to 5:30 pm (closed on Tuesdays)

Entry Fee: ₹ 15

3. Marina Beach

Sweating buckets under the scorching weather of Chennai? Cool yourself with the salty breeze of Marina Beach, one of the best places to visit in Chennai. With its ever-bustling seaside shops and long beaches, Marina Beach is one of the best picnic spots and the most loved place to visit in Chennai with family. The cool breeze will wash away all your troubles, and the sand beach prepares an array of endless entertainment. 

Revitalise yourself with the salty breeze of the marina while you comfortably stay at Upar Hotels Nungambakkam or Upar Hotels T Nagar.

Must Experience: Horse rides, food stalls, lighthouse and memorials

Entry Fee: Free

 4. Elliot’s Beach

Enough with the "unconventional" picnics! Elliot’s Beach is perfect for a "conventional" picnic, minus lush lawns. A sandy beach and roaring sea as a backdrop. It's the perfect picnic spot for quality time with family and friends; you can have fun in the sand, have lunch together, and take a short and refreshing dip in the pristine Bay of Bengal.

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Must Experience: Sunrise and sunset, food stalls and birdwatching

Entry Fee: Free

5. VGP Universal Kingdom

There are beaches, and then there are private beaches. The VGP Universal Kingdom is a resort cum amusement park with a private beach area in its backyards. It is always on the list of best places to visit in Chennai with your family, as it has an amusement park where you can try thrilling rides and water sports and a clean beach where you can relax and have fun. It is one of the most famous places in Chennai where kids, youths, couples, and adults can enjoy a "conventional" and "unconventional" picnic together.

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Location: East Coast Road

Timings: 11:00 am to 7:30 pm

Entry Fee:

Universal Kingdom:   550 onwards (adults); ₹ 450 onwards (kids)

Golden Resort: – ₹ 5000 per night


Chennai, with so much to offer for travel buffs, is sure, a city you'd not want to miss. With so many famous picnic spots to visit with family and friends, you can spend time marvelling at the beauty of these places. From the serene beauty of Marina Beach to the lush greenery of Guindy National Park, the charm of Elliot's Beach, the tranquil oasis of Semmozhi Poonga, and the thrilling adventures at VGP Universal Kingdom, Chennai offers an incredible range of experiences for every picnic enthusiast.

So, pack your picnic basket, gather your loved ones, and embark on a journey of delightful discoveries in the vibrant city of Chennai. And don't ever about finding a hotel when you have 6 best budget hotels in Chennai of Upar Hotels at the city's prime locations. Book your stay at Upar Hotels and explore Chennai like never before.