Top 5 Best Must-Visit Beaches in Chennai


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Must-visit beaches in Chennai
Top 5 Best Must-Visit Beaches in Chennai

Wondering where to go this weekend? Wherever the destination is, visit a nearby beach to blow some freshness into your soul. These beaches in Chennai will Sprinkle you with freshness.


Beaches have been a place to wash yourself of all your burdens since time immemorial. The vibrant coastal lines of the Bay of Bengal have been a place of respite for all weary souls for a long time.

Whether on a family trip, on a romantic date with your partner, or on your lonesome, beaches are the best places to spend quality time and bring people together.

The long Marina beach and adventurous beach in Chennai attract tons of tourists worldwide, making Chennai one of the must-visit places in India.

Next time you are on break, visit the beaches in Chennai to feed your soul.

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Top 5 Must-Visit Beaches in Chennai For Your Next Break

Here is our list of refreshing beaches in Chennai that will blow your mind. A long way from home? No need to worry; we have also added some details about hotels near these beaches.

1. Marina Beach

Marina Beach is one of Chennai’s best beaches. From early morning to late afternoon, a large crowd of visitors swarms this beach to enjoy the refreshing sea breezes and its activities. Visitors of all ages come to this scenic beach to reinvigorate their souls and engage in beach sports.

Even though swimming is strictly prohibited, the lighthouse on its southern end attracts considerable visitors to the beach daily. Being the only lighthouse in India with a lift, allowing every type and age group of visitors to relish the 360° panoramic view of the exotic beach.

While on your way to Marina Beach, there is no need to worry about where to stay or freshen up; Upar Hotels Nungambakkam will make you feel right at home.

2. Kovalam/Covelong Beach

Located a wee bit farther from proper Chennai, Kovalam Beach is as famous as Marina Beach. It is ideal for tourists looking for a day out on the beach. With its various water sports and adventure activities, such as parasailing, paragliding, jet skiing, scuba diving, and more during peak tourist seasons, it is heaven for those with a drive for adventure. Tourists can relax and swim in the sea or hire a beach bed to get a tan while enjoying the cool sea breeze at this trusted beach.

A 15 min drive from the beach, you can easily locate our Upar Hotels Uthandi ECR, where you can rest your tired bones and rejuvenate yourselves.

3. VGP Golden Beach

Located inside the VGP Universal Kingdom amusement park, VGP Beach is a private beach with an entry fee. It is a centre for fun and excitement, a perfect spot for family and romantic outings.

Worthy of its entry fee, VGP Beach provides a clean and safe beach where you can swim and splash in the water safely. Many fun games are available at the beach, ranging from building sand castles to taking a few beach rides; it is one of the best family beaches around Chennai.

Within driving distance on the same highway, Upar Hotels Uthandi ECR is an excellent place to stay while preparing for your next destination.

4. Edward Elliot Beach

Edward Elliot Beach, aka 'Besant Nagar Beach,' located in Besant Nagar, is one of Chennai's most famed family beaches. Located towards the south of Marina Beach, Edward Elliot Beach is an incredibly calm and tranquil place ideal for long walks. Furthermore, it is spot on for those who want to soak their feet and completely immerse themselves in nature's arms.

It is an arch-shaped beach, which has captured the imagination of many film producers, making an impression in several Tamil and Malayalam films.

After spending your day at this serene beach, you can stay at Upar Hotels Thoraipakkam to wash away the salts and sands of the sea and take proper rest.

5.Thiruvanmiyur Beach

Thiruvanmiyur Beach is known for its amazing sunrises and quietness; it is an isolated, serene beach away from the locality. You can go for an evening stroll or a morning walk and even engage in some soliloquy without being bothered by others. It's a pretty small beach that often goes unnoticed by the crowd.

It is a perfect spot to enjoy some quiet time with family and friends.

You can enjoy the quiet morning and evening walk on the Thiruvanmiyur or pebble beach during your visit.


The best thing about Chennai's beaches is that they are all clean and offer a variety of activities. So, the next time you want to have some fun, go to the beach and enjoy the fresh sea breeze, play sports at the shore, or simply walk on the sand with your loved one. For exploring Chennai, staying in good hotels that are in prime locations of the city is the key. Nothing can beat Upar Hotels with its properties at the city’s prime locations. Book your stay at Upar Hotels and explore Chennai. 

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