5 Places in Chennai That Bring Together Tradition & Modernism


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Chennai - Mix of Tradition and Modernism
5 Places in Chennai That Bring Together Tradition & Modernism

The capital city of Tamil Nadu, Chennai, is a hub of past, present, and future. Millions of people visit Chennai all year round as part of visitors or its large workforce. With a vast majority backing the claim, Chennai is arguably the most popular city in South India.

Chennai: A Heady Mix of History, Tradition & Modernism

It is known throughout the world that Chennai's IT industry and passion for music gave birth to some of the world's best minds and musicians. There is more to Chennai than what meets the eye. Chennai has a rich history steeped in culture and tradition, which complements this metropolitan city as a heady mix of history, tradition, and modernism.

From its diverse culture, tradition, vibrant festivals, dainty delicacies, and quintessential "Chennai Tamil," this city never fails to enchant locals and visitors. With its stunning architecture and glorious heritage, this 400-year world "gateway to south India" treats its visitors with a marvellous travel experience.

Best Places to Visit in Chennai

1. K-Town

Kodambakkam, also known as K-town or Kollywood, might just be Chennai's heart. Chennai has one of the biggest movie fan bases in the world, and with laws that prevent high movie ticket rates, Chennais' passion for movies skyrocketed. K-town is the hub of the Tamil film industry, lined with film studios and homes of many budding Tamil film directors and actors. For a film enthusiast, it is one of the best places to visit in Chennai. Upar Hotels Cine City Kodambakkam provides its visitors with a chance to experience the Hollywood of Tami Nadu.

2. Madras Music Academy

It is a world-famous institution that has given birth to various musical geniuses since 1920. Well known for its Karnatic music, the Madras Music Academy became the centre of Indian folk music heritage, nurturing musicians even today. A visit to the campus will light up the musical soul in you at any time.

3. The Kalakshetra

Chennai has an abundance of cultural heritage; for its preservation and exposure to future generations. The Kalakshetra Academy, founded in 1936, is nationally and internationally recognised and is known for its style and perfectionism in India's theatrical arts and musical platforms. For those curious about the art and culture of Chennai and Tamil Nadu as a whole, while staying at Upar Hotels Thoraipakkam branch, you can visit the Kalakshetra to sate your curiosity.

4. Church of Our Lady of Light

Located near Santhome Basilica, where the apostle St. Thomas is claimed to be buried, lies one of the oldest Roman Catholic Shrines in Chennai. Reverently known to the locales as the Luz church, built in 1516, it sports one of the oldest Portuguese architectures dedicated to the Our Lady of Light. It is one of the most beautiful places in Chennai for weary souls searching for spiritual respite and blessing, irrespective of religion. On your way to the shire, take a rest and stay at Upar Hotels T Nagar or Upar Hotels Nungambakkam to prepare yourself spiritually and mentally for the visit.

5. Parthasarathy Temple

Anyone looking up Chennai will find at least one mention of Parthasarathy Temple. This 8th-century marvel dedicated to Lord Krishna is the only temple in Tamil Nadu where different avatars of Lord Vishnu are worshipped together. Built by Pallava Kings, the temple contains magnificent sculptures, inscriptions, and murals. It is a part of Chennai's heritage, history, culture, and future. As one of the best places to visit in Chennai, returning without visiting Parthasarathy temple is like having Biryani without rice.

Previously known as Madras, Chennai began its journey as a small fishing district. Graced with picturesque beaches and natural wonders, it was a quaint place of beauty. The British East India Company redrew the whole power structure of Madras, making it the centre of administrative power and later a commercial capital.

The city still has historic buildings from the British period, such as the Government Museum in Egmore, SanThome Basilica, Ripon Building, Chennai Central, Fort St. George (which now serves as the legislative assembly of Tamil Nadu Government), and others.

With IIT Madras churning out tons of IITians, Chennai is never behind in modernization and the latest trends.

With fathers relaxing to Karnatic music and their sons jamming to rock and metal music, Chennai is a perfect heady mix of History, Tradition, and Modernism.

Come visit this magnificent city and feel its mesmerizing essence while staying at Upar Hotels.

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