Best Budget Hotel Rooms in OMR Thoraipakkam, Chennai


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Best budget hotels in OMR Thoraipakkam Chennai
Best Budget Hotel Rooms in OMR Thoraipakkam, Chennai

About OMR Thoraipakkam

OMR Thoraipakkam, located in Chennai, India, is a bustling neighbourhood that has gained prominence in recent years. OMR stands for Old Mahabalipuram Road, a major IT corridor connecting Chennai with its southern suburbs. Thoraipakkam, situated along this road, has become a hub for IT companies, educational institutions, residential complexes, and commercial establishments.

About Upar Hotels Thoraipakkam, OMR, Chennai

Located in the bustling neighbourhood of Thoraipakkam, OMR, Upar Hotels offers prime accommodation for those looking for a relaxed stay. Situated close to BSR Mall and Chennai One IT Park, this hotel provides easy access to the thriving commercial and IT hub of the city.

As one of the sought-after hotels in OMR, Upar Hotels is an ideal choice for both business and leisure travellers. Its strategic location on OMR Road ensures convenient connectivity to major business parks, including Tidel Park and SIPCOT IT Park, making it a preferred stay for professionals.

Upar Hotels Thoraipakkam, OMR offer guests a comfortable and memorable experience. The hotel offers a range of well-appointed rooms, equipped with modern amenities to cater to the needs of travellers. Whether you're visiting for a short business trip or an extended stay, our hotel's well-trained staff and warm hospitality ensure a pleasant stay throughout.

With its proximity to BSR Mall, guests at Upar Hotels in OMR have easy access to a variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. The mall offers a vibrant mix of retail outlets, restaurants, and a multiplex cinema, providing ample opportunities for leisure and recreation.

Amenities and Features of Upar Hotels Thoraipakkam OMR

Upar Hotels Thoraipakkam, OMR, offers a range of exceptional property amenities to ensure a comfortable and convenient stay for guests. Here are some of the key amenities provided at Upar Hotels:

1. Daily Housekeeping: Upar Hotels prioritizes cleanliness and offers daily housekeeping services to ensure guests enjoy a neat and well-maintained environment.

2. Lift: This hotel features a lift, providing easy access to different floors and ensuring convenience, especially for guests with heavy luggage or mobility concerns.

3. Non-Smoking Rooms: Upar Hotels in OMR understands the preferences of its guests and offers non-smoking rooms, ensuring a fresh and smoke-free environment for a comfortable stay.

4. Free Wi-Fi: Upar Hotels provides complimentary Wi-Fi access to guests, allowing them to browse the internet, stay in touch with loved ones, or handle business matters seamlessly.

5. DG Backup: Upar Hotels ensures an uninterrupted power supply by having DG backup, eliminating any inconvenience caused by power outages.

6. CCTV Monitored: The safety and security of guests are of utmost importance. Upar Hotels in OMR employs CCTV monitoring systems to ensure a secure environment throughout the property.

7. 24-hour Front Desk: The hotel offers round-the-clock front desk services for a hassle-free experience.

8. Buffet Breakfast: Upar Hotels serves a delicious buffet breakfast, allowing guests to have a good start to their day.

9. Laundry Facility: For guests' convenience, Upar Hotels in OMR provides laundry facilities, ensuring that clothing and linens are properly taken care of during their stay.

10. Luggage Storage Facility: Upar Hotels offers a luggage storage facility, allowing guests to securely store their belongings before check-in or after check-out, making travel arrangements more convenient.

11. Wheelchair Accessibility: Upar Hotels ensures wheelchair accessibility throughout the property, providing ease of mobility and convenience for guests with accessibility needs. The hotel is committed to accommodating all guests comfortably.

12. Parking on Site: Upar Hotels provides convenient on-site parking facilities, allowing guests to securely park their vehicles during their stay. This feature ensures that guests have a hassle-free experience and easy access to their vehicles.

The rooms at Upar Hotels in OMR are perfectly air-conditioned and are designed to provide a relaxing environment with all the necessary amenities. A spacious wardrobe is available to conveniently store belongings and keep the room clutter-free. Unwind while watching your favourite shows on the flat-screen TV with satellite channels. The rooms feature hardwood or parquet floors, adding elegance to the space. Guests can choose between a comfortable queen-size bed or twin beds for convenience.

Linen and towels are provided, ensuring a fresh and comfortable experience. For those who need assistance waking up, a wake-up service is available. Guests can use the minimalistic work desk for business needs or personal tasks. An electric kettle is provided for making tea or coffee in the comfort of the room. The ensuite bathroom is equipped with a shower and complimentary toiletries, ensuring a refreshing start to the day. For added convenience, the rooms are accessible via an elevator for guests staying on the upper floors.

Upar Hotels in Thoraipakkam, OMR takes pride in providing the best stay for its guest with a range of room amenities done with attention to detail.

Experience the best of OMR Thoraipakkam hospitality at Upar Hotels, where the amenities cater to your every need. From cleanliness and connectivity to safety and convenience, Upar Hotels strives to provide visitors with a memorable and enjoyable stay.

Why Upar Hotels Thoraipakkam is Ideal for Your Stay in OMR Chennai?

What makes a hotel the most suitable for a stay is not just the amenities and the hospitality, of course, it matters but more importantly the location of the hotel and its accessibility to places. Having spoken about the amenities and hospitality that Upar Hotels in OMR offers, here are all the reasons supporting our latter claim that make Upar Hotels a great pick for a hotel in Thoraipakkam, OMR. 

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Places and Tourist Attractions near Upar Hotels Thoraipakkam, OMR

1. VGP Marine Kingdom

Located 8 km from Upar Hotels Thoraipakkam OMR, VGP Marine Kingdom is a popular marine-themed amusement park, offering an exciting experience with various aquatic attractions and shows.

2. Arignar Anna Zoological Park

Situated approximately 22 km from Upar Hotels in Thoraipakkam OMR, Arignar Anna Zoological Park, also known as Vandalur Zoo, is a sprawling wildlife sanctuary where visitors can explore diverse species of animals and enjoy a day immersed in nature.

3. The Marina Mall

Just 13 km from Upar Hotels in Thoraipakkam OMR, The Marina Mall offers a fantastic shopping experience, housing a wide range of stores, restaurants, and entertainment options for guests to enjoy.

4. Marina Beach

Situated 14 km from Upar Hotels in Thoraipakkam OMR, Marina Beach is a renowned stretch of sandy shoreline where visitors can take leisurely walks, enjoy sunset views, and savour local street food.

5. ECR Beach

Located just 10 km from Upar Hotels Thoraipakkam OMR, ECR Beach, also known as East Coast Road Beach, is a picturesque coastal spot with serene surroundings, perfect for relaxing strolls and picnics.

6. Neelankarai Beach

Located 3.5 km from Upar Hotels Thoraipakkam OMR, Neelankarai Beach is a tranquil stretch of sandy shore offering a peaceful atmosphere for visitors to unwind and enjoy the coastal beauty.

7. DakshinaChitra Heritage Museum

16 km from Upar Hotels in Thoraipakkam OMR, DakshinaChitra Heritage Museum showcases the rich cultural heritage of South India through its diverse exhibits, traditional artefacts, and interactive displays.

8. MGM Dizzee World

Located approximately 15 km away from Upar Hotels Thoraipakkam OMR, MGM Dizzee World is a popular amusement park featuring thrilling rides, water slides, and entertaining shows, making it an ideal destination for a fun-filled day with family and friends.

9. BSR Mall

Situated just 2.5 km from Upar Hotels Thoraipakkam OMR, BSR Mall offers a convenient shopping and entertainment experience, with a variety of stores, dining options, and a multiplex cinema.

10. World Trade Center Chennai

Approximately 2.7km from Upar Hotels Thoraipakkam OMR, the World Trade Center Chennai is a prominent business complex that serves as a hub for trade and commerce, hosting various events, exhibitions, and conferences.


Exploring Thoraipakkam OMR and the famous places in Chennai is made easy if you stay at Upar Hotels because of the hotel's strategic location. Whether you are on a leisure trip and wish to visit historical sites, cultural landmarks, or the coastal charm of Chennai or you are on a business trip and want to make the best of your professional endeavours, Upar Hotels Thoraipakkam serves as a convenient starting point.

When it comes to choosing the best hotels in Thoraipakkam, OMR, Chennai, Upar Hotels stands out for its exceptional service, prime location, and comfortable accommodations. Experience the perfect blend of convenience and comfort at Upar Hotels Thoraipakkam, OMR, and make your visit to Chennai truly memorable. Book your stay now! If you are a person who travels often then read our other blogs for everything hotels, places and travel.