12 Weekend Getaway Places Near Chennai for an Energising Vacay


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Weekend Getaways From Chennai
12 Weekend Getaway Places Near Chennai for an Energising Vacay

Growing up all of us must have at least once dreamt of packing our entire life in a bag and exploring every nook and corner of the world. It didn’t seem like a luxury or privilege back when we were young but as we moved ahead in life it all became a distant dream. 

But what if we say it is still possible to dream of a blissful vacation? Though it takes a little planning and budgeting to experience the perfect vacation, it isn’t too long of a shot. You can start by first visiting the nearby places during long festive holidays and weekends which probably wouldn’t require much budget. In this blog, we have listed the best weekend getaways from Chennai to make the best out of your short time and tight budget. These short trips from Chennai can be a starting point for you to realise your long-abandoned dreams of travelling around.

Best Places for Weekend Getaways from Chennai

1. Pondicherry

If you ever feel like transporting yourself to a whole new world then Pondicherry might be the best budget-friendly option to enjoy the electrifying vibe of this popular weekend getaway near Chennai. A short weekend trip from Chennai to Pondicherry offers a delightful blend of French colonial charm and Indian culture, creating a unique and unforgettable experience. The serene Promenade Beach, with its picturesque coastline and iconic Gandhi statue, provides the perfect vacation spot near Chennai for a relaxing morning walk or sunset view. 

Auroville, a utopian township, symbolises spiritual harmony and architectural beauty, with the Matrimandir at its core, inviting visitors to explore its tranquil surroundings. The French Quarter, characterised by its vibrant yellow buildings and bustling streets, is a testament to Pondicherry's colonial history, where cafes and boutiques await exploration. Sri Aurobindo Ashram is yet another weekend place in Chennai perfect for those seeking spiritual solace and insight into the teachings of Sri Aurobindo. 

Chennai to Pondicherry Distance: 150 km

2. Kanchipuram

There are bound to be times when we just want to shut down the noise around us and feel every breath of ours to find some peace amidst the ever-chaotic life. And when you do feel like running away, make sure you run to the right place. In other words, run away to Kanchipuram. It is the perfect holiday destination near Chennai which is renowned as the "City of a Thousand Temples", reverberating positive energy all over. Nestled in the heart of Tamil Nadu, Kanchipuram boasts a rich tapestry of spiritual and cultural treasures that make it the perfect weekend place near Chennai to relax peacefully.

The magnificent temples, such as the Kailasanathar and Ekambareswarar Temples, envelop visitors in an aura of spirituality and calmness, while the vast and well-maintained temple gardens provide a soothing escape. What makes this an ideal place for a weekend trip near Chennai is the fact that Kanchipuram seems to slow down time, allowing you to truly unwind and find solace amidst the echoes of ancient prayers.

Chennai to Kanchipuram Distance: 74 Km

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3. Mahabalipuram

Mahabalipuram, also known as Mamallapuram, is a coastal town located in the southwest of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. This popular place for weekend getaway trips from Chennai carries a rich history dating back to the 7th century when it served as a thriving seaport for the Pallava dynasty. The town is renowned for its intricately carved stone temples and monuments, such as the iconic Shore Temple and the stunning rock-cut sculptures, including the famous "Arjuna's Penance." 

And for those ocean lovers, Mahabalipuram's picturesque beaches, like Mahabalipuram Beach and Covelong Beach, offer a perfect place to hit that refresh button and get your life together. Its vibrant arts and crafts scene, delectable seafood, and laid-back atmosphere make it an absolute ideal weekend getaway from Chennai, where visitors can immerse themselves in history, culture, and nature, all while enjoying the tranquil coastal vibes.

Chennai to Mahabalipuram Distance: 56 Km

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4. Coorg

For all those adventure-seeking souls, Coorg is the apt place for a weekend getaway from Chennai to break the monotony of living the same life in the same way each day and every day. Coorg, officially known as Kodagu, is a region situated in the Western Ghats of Karnataka, not far from Chennai. Its history is steeped in tales of brave Kodava warriors and unique traditions. Coorg's allure lies in its lush coffee plantations, dense forests, and serene hills, making it a special holiday destination near Chennai.

The tranquillity of Coorg, accentuated by its cool climate and misty landscapes, provides a perfect retreat, and spending time here evokes a sense of serenity, oneness with nature, and a genuine appreciation for the region's unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. From river rafting, trekking and camping to jungle safari and bird-watching, this is one of the best weekend places to visit near Chennai to create memories that live forever.

Chennai to Coorg Distance: 581 Km

5. Kolli Hills

Fancy spending time alone in solitude? Then pack your bags and get straight to Kolli Hills; the most exciting weekend place near Chennai to travel when you want to blow away your stress. Kolli Hills is a charming mountain range located in the Eastern Ghats of Tamil Nadu. This picturesque holiday destination near Chennai is not only known for its breathtaking landscapes but also carries a rich historical legacy.

Legend has it that the hills were a haven for herbal medicines, protected by the powerful deity, Kolli Paavai. Today, it stands as a hidden gem, attracting nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. On this short weekend trip from Chennai to Kolli Hills, you can expect to enjoy a plethora of activities, including scenic treks to the Agaya Gangai Waterfalls, exploring the Siddhar Caves believed to house ancient sages, and relishing the lush greenery of botanical gardens. 

Chennai to Kolli Hills Distance: 362 Km

6. Mysore

Are you someone who has a nose for art and architecture? Always being baffled by the brilliance of ancient forts, and palaces? Well then, Mysore is the ultimate weekend vacation spot near Chennai for you to explore the breathtaking charms of the popular Mysore Palace and other attractions spots. Situated in the southern state of Karnataka, Mysore is a city rich in history and cultural splendour. 

Its regal past is exemplified by the magnificent Mysore Palace, a masterpiece of Indo-Saracenic architecture, which stands as a symbol of the city's royal heritage. The opulent palace, adorned with intricate artworks and exquisite interiors, offers a glimpse into the grandeur of the Wodeyar dynasty. Beyond the palace, Mysore is a treasure for those looking for the best places to make weekend plans near Chennai as it promises a delightful experience. 

Chennai to Mysore Distance: 481 Km

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7. Horsley Hills

Hills are known for soothing one’s soul with their breathtaking views. One such popular gem is the Horsley Hills. Horsley Hills is a serene location for a weekend getaway from Chennai boasting a history rooted in its colonial past. What makes Horsley Hills unique is its untouched, off-the-beaten-path charm, offering a peaceful retreat from bustling city life. The lush forests, pristine landscapes and the climate are sure to leave you spellbound.

This weekend getaway place from Chennai is also known for its coffee and orange plantations, allowing for pleasant walks amidst the plantations and a chance to enjoy the local produce. Overall, a weekend trip from Chennai to Horsley Hills promises a tranquil escape, pristine natural beauty, and an opportunity to explore the scenic gems of the Eastern Ghats.

Chennai to Horsley Hills Distance: 260 Km

8. Yercaud

Yercaud has rightfully earned its reputation as one of the most popular weekend getaway spots near Chennai as it offers the perfect escape from urban chaos. You will get to experience the lush Shevaroy Hills, take in panoramic views, wander through fragrant coffee and spice plantations, and relish boat rides on the tranquil Yercaud Lake.

Moreover, the spiritual experience of the serene Shevaroy Temple and the calming atmosphere of the Sacred Heart Church provide is something not to be missed. Whether you seek adventure through trekking or simply a peaceful retreat surrounded by nature, Yercaud is the best weekend place in Chennai that has it all. For those craving more, Yercaud offers a myriad of opportunities for outdoor activities, from boating and horse riding to nature walks and bird watching. So give yourself the much-needed break and unwind your tangled thoughts with this weekend trip from Chennai.

Chennai to Yercaud Distance: 365 Km

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9. Pulicat

When you want a weekend getaway from Chennai after a long week of jam-packed schedules and deadlines, head over to Pulicat. Pulicat is a serene and often overlooked gem located in the north of Chennai, making it one of the best weekend places near Chennai to relieve stress. Its unique blend of coastal charm and natural beauty sets it apart as an ideal holiday destination near Chennai for city dwellers.

Pulicat is renowned for its tranquil backwaters and the Pulicat Lake, India's second-largest lagoon, offering a peaceful escape for bird-watching enthusiasts and nature lovers. The town's unhurried pace, coupled with boat rides through mangrove forests, adds to its appeal. Pulicat provides an unmatched experience for those seeking solace and a connection with nature, making it a unique weekend getaway near Chennai. Pack your bags and ride to Pulicat to crush your stress away and let go of everything that doesn’t serve you.

Chennai to Pulicat Distance: 58 Km

10. Vellore

Vellore, located in the northern part of Tamil Nadu, is a city steeped in history and cultural significance. Its historical roots can be traced back to the 9th century when it was part of the Pallava dynasty. Over the years, it served as an important political and cultural centre, with a notable presence during the Chola and Vijayanagara dynasties.

One of the city's most prominent landmarks, perfect for an exciting weekend trip near Chennai, is the Vellore Fort, a 16th-century marvel known for its impressive ramparts and the Jalakanteswara Temple. Inside the fort, the Vellore Fort Museum houses a rich collection of artefacts, weaponry, and memorabilia, shedding light on the region's historical and colonial past. You can also explore the Sripuram Golden Temple, an awe-inspiring spiritual site and stroll along the sparkling Palar River during your short trip from Chennai to Vellore. Hands down Vellore is the perfect weekend getaway from Chennai, providing the best serene retreat away from the chaos of daily life and the space to retrospect and reflect.

Chennai to Vellore Distance: 162 Km

11. Nellore

Nellore is a fantastic weekend getaway from Chennai, offering a cultural and natural escape to recharge and explore. It is a city in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh that has a rich tapestry of ancient and colonial influences, with references dating back to the Mauryan Empire in the 3rd century BC. The British established a strong presence in the region, leaving behind architectural legacies like the Nellore Fort, a testimony to their colonial footprint.

Offering an eclectic mix of cultural and natural attractions for weekend travellers, Nellore is the perfect spot to make weekend plans near Chennai. The Penna River, which flows through the city, provides opportunities for boat rides and serene walks along its banks. The Ranganatha Temple, dedicated to Lord Ranganatha, is a renowned religious site featuring impressive architecture and intricate sculptures. For nature enthusiasts, Bird Sanctuary, located a short distance away, is a paradise for bird watching, with its diverse avian species. Without a doubt, there is something for everyone in Nellore; a popular vacation spot near Chennai to thoroughly enjoy themselves and get some time away from the daily hustle and bustle.

Chennai to Nellore Distance: 174 Km

12. Yelagiri

This weekend get yourself out of bed and explore the beauty of the city and its nearby places. One such place for a perfect weekend getaway from Chennai is Yelagiri. It is a tranquil hill station nestled in the Vellore district of Tamil Nadu. Punganoor Lake, with its boating facilities, provides a relaxing experience, while the Swamimalai Hills offer fantastic trekking opportunities. The Jalagamparai Waterfalls are a scenic wonder, and the Jalagandeeswarar Temple reflects the region's spiritual essence. 

Being known as the best and the most budget-friendly weekend place near Chennai, Yelagiri will be a fun and exciting journey for you to clear your mind and enjoy every minute of your trip to the fullest.

Chennai to Yelagiri Distance: 295 Km


The opportunity for weekend getaways from Chennai is like a breath of fresh air amidst the ever-happening and bustling city life. From the serene hills of Yelagiri to the rich history of Vellore, the coastal charm of Pulicat, and the cultural wonders of Nellore, these weekend places near Chennai offer a tapestry of experiences, each with its unique allure. So whether you seek tranquillity in nature, cultural enrichment, or simply a break from the routine, these holiday destinations near Chennai are the ones to look out for.

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